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K-WALL Panel with exposed or unexposed "C" Energy Saving Thermal Control

Thermal insulating, Sound-proofing, Light, Easy to Install

Ideal for perimetrical walls in both civil and industrial construction and in cases of restoration and restructuring. Particularly light (3.5 – 6.5 Kg/m˛), it is easy to transport, quick and simple to install. Due to the structure of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), it is possible to attach housing for all types of installation engineering (electrical, telecommunication and plumbing-conduit pipes….) to the panel.

K-WALL Panel is manufactured in varying thicknesses (from 80 to 200mm) according to project specifications and is reinforced with 8/10 zinc-plated steel “C” profiles, the height of which ranges from 60 to 120mm depending on panel thickness. The panel can be produced with either exposed or unexposed “C” in order to offer maximum versatility regarding finish (with plasterboard, plaster or other coatings which architectural or decorative specifications may stipulate).

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